Learning experience in Dzul Iman is tailored at creating a total child. All subjects are delivered in a motivating way called The Khalifah Way, a proven method in child education. In Dzul Iman, the Khalifah method is adopted as the backbone of the whole education system. It is used at all time whenever the teachers interact with the children. In fact the teachers are reminded to relate to each other on the same basis, as khalifah of Allah. The Khalifah Project is not a subject, but rather an approach of child upbringing. It changes the prevailing Malay/muslims paradigm in child education. It give us the knowledge and strength to create a new atmosphere at the same old setting. As mentioned by Allah in the Quran, the human race is honoured as Khalifah of Allah. If this fact is properly understood by the teachers and the children, both parties will share a motivational world view which will encourage them to struggle for excellence in all aspect of life. This will be a tremendous help in ensuring effectiveness of the education process.

This programme is built on the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and a proven scientific basis about child pscychology. The programme provides great motivation to children towards excellent Islamic character. With good understanding on the Laws of Learning (LOL), teachers will find clear, easy and effective steps in raising children to be good and right Muslims. This programme, which is the backbone of Dzul Iman education, will provide teachers with a positive, accurate and motivational worldview plus a good understanding of the Laws of Learning (LOL) through a series of continuous training. All these efforts, will insya Allah result a general movement towards creating a better world.