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Explanation ofDzul Iman Logo

Dzul Iman



Smart Khalifah

“membina akal budi generasi pintar soleh”

The name Dzul Iman is chosen as it represents the whole meaning of our life. Dzul Iman as pronounced in Arabic means “one who posses the iman/belief”. Without iman, our life is meaningless and of no value. Only with the belief in Allah and the hereafter we will understand the importance impact of all our thoughts and action. Iman will motivate us to give our best and struggle for excellence in all our endeavour. By inculcating this awareness inside the heart of little children, will help them to grow as honest and competent muslims who live up the “culture of excellence”.

The sunflower represents happiness and enthusiasm at our kindergarten. Nurturing the natural love for knowledge, Dzul Iman always ensures that teaching is delivered in a motivating and interesting approach – allowing the children to play and grow at the same time.

The sun in the center of the logo represents strength and light (guidance). As Muslims we believe in the oneness of Allah and His ultimate power. The hot sun always remind us of the Greatness of Allah yet the warmth and comfort that comes from sunlight makes us realize how gracious Allah is, showering His love to all His creatures.

Tagline smart khalifah is highlighted in red to keep everyone focus on upgrading ourselves to become better and better Muslims everyday.

The motto surrounding the sunflower reads “membina akal budi generasi pintar soleh”. The Malay words are chosen to strengthen the meaning of the words since most of our customers are Muslim/Malays. The motto shows our commitment in creating a new generation of Muslims who are competent to face challenges of the modern world without sacrificing their iman and conscience. The word ‘akal budi’ and ‘pintar soleh’ strike the much needed balance in creating a total child.