Bahasa Melayu

“Bahasa jiwa bangsa”

The saying “Bahasa jiwa bangsa” inspires Dzul Iman to opt the appropriate technique in enabling children with smart reading & writing skills with high self-motivating esteem and outstanding leadership quality without neglecting virtuous akhlaq. Therefore, a combination of reading materials has been chosen to ensure a holistic approach in learning Bahasa Malaysia. It incorporates reading books from Belajar Membaca Ekspres-i, writing books from our own Siri DZ Bahasa Melayu and language exploration through Siri Si Kecil Berfikir (SKB) (publish by Akademi Dzul Iman) to inculcate positive reading habits. The teachers are constantly trained with clear objectives and assistance from constructive teaching aids.


“Qiraati System”

Qiraati Classes is focused on developing reading skill of the Holy Quran. The Qiraati System is built in a very simple yet effective approach that encourages and motivates the children to continue learning. It nurtures the natural needs for reward and sense of success inside children. Simple without being simplistic, Qiraati goes very thorough to ensure good foundation of Tajwid is acquired by the children at such an early age.

Eksplorasi Bertema

“the concept of Tauhid”

Thematic exploration is a specially designed program based on specific themes chosen to help children recognize their lives in an enjoyable way. The main goal of this program is to cultivate the souls of children towards recognizing their Rabb (the concept of Tauhid). One of the main approaches used is project-based learning known as Allah,Alam dan Manusia.

English Language

“Fun with Phonics”

The approach that is used will help the learner to inculcate deep love in learning English Language. By utilizing the phonics method, it assists in enhancing children's ability to correctly pronounce new words. This approach offers a rapid and organized method to establish a solid foundation for children in reading. We use the Phonics Smart Readers and Activity Books Series from Pelangi. In Dzul Iman, we provide teachers with an integrated program, in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and presenting through which emergent readers can learn about, respond to and use language effectively. We also encourage children to communicate in English fluently through role play (drama), songs and daily conversation.


“Islamic art and culture”

Children are introduced to the basic reading and writing Jawi skill so that this precious Islamic art and culture will inherit in them easily. The introduction of the syllabus is the basic for easy-grab in Jawi reading and writing.

Fardhu 'Ain

“LOVE to practise solat”

The Fardhu ‘Ain Programme in Dzul Iman, give children some experience to practise some basic Muslim’s routine. One of the special features of this programme would make the children LOVE to practise solat, zikirullah etc. The programme is develop in such a way that it explains every practice in an interesting way through role play and songs. Prayer practice is the basic of this programme towards devout and obedient muslim generation.


“Fun with Maths”

To built strong foundation for Mathematics, Matematik Awal is used. Its interesting and lively approach will allow the children to grasp mathematical concept effortlessly. We incorporate number bonds concept to expose the children to basic counting and values of numbers through practical and simple method. Gradually, they will be able to write the mathematical sentences in words and solve basic mathematical problems.


“Arabic letters (hijaiyyah)”

This programme gives early exposure of the Arabic Languages where they are introduced with some basic words and Arabic letters (hijaiyyah). Meanwhile, the pivoted role of this programme is to promote the advantage of speaking, knowing , learning Arabic as the language of the Quran and of the Paradise thus boosting the love for the Islam.

Art & Craft

“Boost their motor skill”

This art and craft programme enables children to develop their creative mind and to boost their motor skill. In Dzul Iman, this programme provides opportunities for children to work in group, to cooperate, tolerate and to be patient with each other and above all learn to appreciate the beauty of Allah’s Art.

Physical Education

“healthy body & mind”

This programme aims at physically healthy young generation as a healthy body comes with a healthy mind. The need to physical exercise is virtual towards a total child (spiritual, intellectual, physical and social) development as promoted by Islam.