“Appreciating every child as an uncut precious jewel, it is our responsibility as parents and teachers to shape them into a beautiful form, pleasing to the eye of Allah”

~Prof Muhammad al-Mahdi, founder of Khalifah Method Tweet

Dzul Iman Smart Khalifah Centre is an established kindergarten program focusing on total development of your child. Using the Khalifah Method, we believe in positive teaching approach where rewards are abundance and negative word minimized.

This method has proven to make a difference for the better in children’s character and their enthusiasm towards learning. Children will learn to appreciate their special relationship with Allah, the Lord of the World.

Being honored as His Khalifah, they will have the courage to lead themselves and others towards excellence in this world and the hereafter. Targeting the inner child, the teaching method empowers them to think and make the right choice themselves

Nurturing Thinkers, Creating Leaders!
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