Leaders in the making!

The little children are queuing to wash their hands before eating. A boy starts moving back and forth, restlessly. His friend gently advises “Berdirilah elok-elok, Allah kan suka tengok kita sabar. Khalifah of Allah is patient” (Please stand properly, Allah loves those who are patient).The smile in his face reflects his pure intention and brightens the day.

Such advice from a five-year-old is a normal situation at Dzul Iman Kindergarten. The children are nurtured to advice and take care of each other. They are supported to develop the positive attitude through our education approach, the Khalifah Method.

Under Khalifah Method, children will learn to appreciate their special relationship with their Creator and understand their role to bring good to the world. This positive self-concept will help them to have the strength in making the right decision throughout their life.

The method appreciates the unique process that each child needs, to grow into a responsible and happy adult.

At Dzul Iman, the shaping process is supported positively. Rewards, mostly in spoken, are abundant while negative words are minimized.

In short, teachers are motivators. They are to support and guide the children in a loving yet firm manner.

Children are nurtured to reason and make choices in their daily routine. Directed positive influence from the teachers will help the children to be good by choice, hence the motto, “Choose to be good!”

Dzul Iman covers academic subjects such as Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics, English, Science and Qiraati (Reading the Quran), with a beautiful blend of Islamic teachings.

Annual educational trips and events will expose the children to varieties of learning experience 🙂